Ingredients of Hammer of Thor

Hammer of Thor entails a certified natural composition of herbal pills that are safe for use amongst all men adults. From libido enhancing substances such as Polypodium Vulgare to Lepidium Mayanay, these capsules are prepared with only natural and organic ingredients known for powerful & effective results in sexual enhancement.



Hammer of Thor blue drops unique formula contains the following ingredients:
Lichen extract – For all issues in male reproductive framework and impotency, this remarkable plant has been utilized dependably. It is known for helping in the enhancement of blood supply to the genitals.
Elephantopusscaber – This a tropical type of flowering plant in the sunflower family. It is common in tropical Africa, Eastern Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia & a renowned ground-breaking aphrodisiac.
Extract from Monkfish liver – The principle behind a man’s sexual wellbeing & prowess begins with enough zinc content in the body. Zinc is extremely important in the building of testosterone. It additionally guarantees normal sperm creation process and ensures proper functioning of the prostate gland.
This extract empowers the body with all the necessary zinc to effectively treat and counteract male barrenness and prostate infections.

Pithecellobium– is a variety of flowering plants in the legume family. It helps in enhancing blood dissemination and enhances general vitality whilst decreasing erectile brokenness.

Antarctic krill extract – The rich mineral and nutrient extract imparts the droplets with various valuable properties. It emphatically impacts the creation of every single male hormone and positively influences sexual capacities. When combined with other ingredients, this composition helps to greatly enhance male sexual functionality.

Other components making up Hammer of Thor incorporate herbs like Isabgol, Gokharu, White onions, Ginger, Jamun seeds, Giloy, Jayfal, Bel, SafedMoosli,Tongkat Ali, and Moss extract amongst others.

Who can use Hammer of Thor Capsules? Hammer of Thor capsule is a proven & natural approach recommended for any adult man wishing to intensify his sexual life. The pills do accompany awesome outcomes both in the middle and elderly ages. As a product of the natural premise, it causes neither side effects nor addiction. It can be utilized both as a treatment or prevention.

The capsules can as well be used with other medicines. Using it with alcohol is also not prohibited although the combination of the two is only permissible in reasonable quantities.

Even so, Hammer of Thor has been designed more particularly for men experiencing:

    • Sexual impotence
    • Premature ejaculation or finishing the job much earlier than your woman would prefer.
    • Weak Erection
    • Lack of interest in sex – No sexual desire at all.
    • Low sperm both in terms of quantity & quality.
    • An environment that is prone to stress, physical and mental fatigue, intense exercise &etcetera.
There are many benefits associated with Hammer of Thor potency capsules. They include:
  • The chemical composition solely entails natural ingredients, which makes the droplets exceptionally safe.
  • Hammer of Thor drops enhance blood circulation and oxygen conveyance to the genitals by a big percentage.
  • Stimulates and normalizes the generation of testosterone, which plays an integral role in maintaining and invigorating sexual action.
  • The metabolic procedures of the body are standardized because of the reclamation of nutrients and minerals.
  • Strengthens in vulnerability thereby enhancing the general wellbeing, overall health & endurance of the body, and most importantly optimizes the mental and physical performance.
In terms of sexual prowess, the key advantages are as follows:
  • Improved sensitivity of the penis and more pleasure from sexual intercourse; enhanced erection, excitement, and arousal.
  • Orgasms & climaxes experienced by your partner turn out to be brighter, more frequent and splendid which is essential for her.
  • The penis becomes marginally bigger because of increased blood supply and changes to the levels of hormones.
  • An altogether stronger erection with the capacity to keep up with sexual intercourse for longer periods.

Hammer of Thor side effects & disadvantages

There are no any stipulated or acknowledged side effects of the product. On the disadvantage side, one major con of Hammer of Thor is over-dosage. It is alleged that a possibility of overdose could lead to severe headaches and sleeplessness.  Experts recommend one capsule per day.